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Updated 15-7-2018

1 - Merge USM V-9 to HDM V10.4

About Uncle Sam Mod :

1- In this MOD you not paying only Interest on your debt, now it's a Debt Service of 10% per year, so this is mean that you pay principal + interest
because the interest paid on your debt is now tie to your interest level
that you fix by yourself for controlling the inflation.

See picture for an example to

Then by the fact that you set your own interest paid on your national debt you are able to paid back your debt without to need any surplus from your budget

For example if you have set your interest level at 2% you will pay 8% in principal on your national debt per years.

(EX1) - If your total National Debt is 1 000 000$, and your budget balance is 0$
Your debt service is 10% of your total Debt per year.
So, it will be 100 000$ .

If your interest level is 2%
You will paid 2% of 1 000 000$ in interest = 20 000$
And you will paid 8% of 1 000 000$ in principal = 80 000$
Total debt at the end of the year (Debt - Principal) 1 000 000$ - 80 000$ = 920 000$

Then without any budget surplus and 0 deficit at the end of the year,
your total Debt will be 920 000$.

(EX2) - You can also be able to reduce your Debt and having deficit in same time for example,

If your total National Debt is 5 000 000$,
Interest level at 3%,
Budget Deficit of 125 000$

Your debt service will be 10% of 5 000 000$ = 500 000$
Interest level 3% of 5 000 000$ = 150 000$
National Budget Deficit = 125 000$

The principal paid on Debt will be, 500 000$ - 150 000$ - 125 000$ = 225 000$
The National Debt will be at the end of the year
Total Debt - Principal
5 000 000$ - 225 000$ = 4 775 000$ -> Debt at the end of the year.

2- Trade Market updated

Consumption is affected by,
Income Tax Rate,
Budget Slide Ratio,
Interest Level,
Inflation Rate,

*This is mean that you need consumption growth if you want to have economic growth,
then if you don't care about thoses things, you may be in trouble in a long run!

*if you see your consumption going down it's maybe because of this
Income Tax Rate Too High,
Budget Slide Ratio Too Low,
Inflation Rate Too High,

3- Production is affected by,
Inflation Rate, ''Best inflation to have is between 2% & 3%''
Sector Tax,
Budget Slide Ratio, Infrastructure, Environment, Health Care, Education, Telecom.

*If you see your Production going down, it's maybe because of this.
1-You're not albe to trade surplus production in the market,
2-Your Inflation is too high,
3-your consumption is going down and the surplus production that's created is not traded in the market,
4-Sector tax too high,
5-Random event of economic crash,

4- Economic Health is affected by.
Income Tax Rate,
Budget Slide Ratio,
Interest Level, ''If you have high interest level to keep your inlfation close to 2% that's mean that you have an high economic health''

5-Inflation is affected by, ''(Best inflation to have is between 2% & 3%)''
Interest Level,
Budget Slide Ratio,
Income Tax Rate,
Economic Health

6 - New AI intelligence.

7 - Income Tax Level, Budget Slide on Infrastructure, Environnement, Health Care, Education, Telecom now affect more your consumption.

8 - The inflation level vs Interest level have been fixed for more realism.

9 - If you lose election you will not be game over.

10 - Military Speed Units fix to be like T-3 when you are at T-4

12- If you're not able paying the interest of your debt that will cause a Shutdown of your Budget Slide

13- Unemployment is now calculate on the economic average of the country

14- Now if you invade a country, the country who've been invaded will see his stability going down and his unemployment going up.

15- If your budget income is less than 9 * your debt service you will bankrupt.


( USM & HDM ) UPDATE ...

V - 9 Update:
1 - Balance revenue from income tax Vs revenue from trade. That mean a bit less revenue from income tax
and a bit more from trade then in this way economic embargo have more impact than before.
2 - Income tax have more effect on stability.
3 - Budget in gouvernment and income tax affect more corruption, that's mean that corruption cost could be more high than before.

V - 8 Update:
1 - Improve effect from income tax and inflation on consumption and production.
2 - Fix. the mod to be capable to work with some database issue.

V - 7.5 Update:
1 - Now, income tax and inflation rate have more effect on consumption and production.

V - 6.1 Update:
1 - More years between economic depresionn
2- Eco. depression is now more slower and easy.

V - 6 Update:
1 - Fix Pop. in poverty

V - 5.0 Update:
1 - I make few adjustment on the economy.
1 - Merge USM II to HDM 10.3

V - 4.6 Update:
1 - Merge USM II to HDM 10.3

V - 3.8 Update:
1 - Fix server message when economic depression happen, fixed to be only one message from server.

V - 3.6 Update:
1 - Fix. Embargo now work in two way, exportation and importation, not only on exportation that's mean that embargo have more effect now.
2 - Fix. Military build for AI.
3 - Add, Economic depression during the game.
4 - Add, new server message when economic depression began and when it end.
5 - Add, Server message when world economic crisis happen and when the economic depression ends.
5- Including Slajavck Mod - T.W.A.M V 0.0.1
6- Including Gotagetgoing Texture Mod Link.

Credit: HDM BlasterMillennia, Gotagetgoing, Slajavck, Drukalovisck.

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