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SP2 toolkit v1.0

This does work online in the original SP2 Mod, but tested not working on Uberfox Mod.


* Press F9 to go to console and type "dupehack 3" to enable dupehack with a ratio of 30% increase
* Select an army group
* Right click and press SPLIT
* Press SPLIT EQUALLY and confirm
Now you have just duped your army and gained a lot of new troops you can do this forever until you have
1000000000 troops


* Press F9 to go to console and type "tradehack" to enable tradehack
* Make a trade with ANY country asking for ANYHING you want money,tech anything then press PROPSE
* Press F9 to go to console adn type *tradehack* to DISABLE tradehack now
* Click on the message LOG you will have a new trade offer (The country you picked just sent YOU an offer)
* Accept the trade and you will gain free anything you wanted


* Dupe 500 million infantry and disband (This wont show in game log so host wont kick you)

For any problems contact jluca98@mail

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