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SuperPower 2 Redux v4.0
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What is it?
It's a megamod to revolutionize SuperPower 2 in the way we play and experience.

The latest OBM textures by Gotagetgoing, including ultra high res night lights
Latest S&S client and server with modern features like auto-ping and hacker filtering
ENB Series for postprocessing and to help the game look as great as possible.
Custom sounds to enhance the experience.
All of this with an easy to use installer and configurator

What are you waiting for? Get it now!

Instructions: Extract the ZIP provided to a folder and run Redux Installer.exe
Links are to MEGA using Twitter URL shortener
Current download version: V4


Ultra: Download

High: Download

High-(Minus): Download

Low: Download

UltraPlus has the newest highest resolution possible of night textures, with a blue-ish tone for night instead of the usual black.
Ultra a very high resolution of night textures, along with OBM v0.3 (again, by Gotagetgoing) and 8K clouds
High has 16K night textures and 8K clouds.
High- has 8K night textures and clouds, for those who can't handle 16K but don't want to go low.
Low has 4K night textures and 4K clouds.

All of them come with the signed client and server, with HDMV9X(8), and a patch to Joshua that allows it to consume more RAM.
Special thanks and credit to Gotagetgoing for all the textures.

For players:
The signed client will allow you to join servers with (S) without typing a password, and (S/P) you'll need a password that is set by the host.

For hosts:
The signed server in this package has a feature that allows hosts to set maximium ping a client can have, by default it's 400 (in the HDM config xml). For this feature to work, all your players must have Redux installed.
Normally, players without Redux can't join. Ths can be turned off manually since V2


Known issue: If you see an empty server list, restart your game. This happens when somebody plays singleplayer and then logs into multiplayer, currently working on fixing this issue.

Recommended requirements for Ultra+ are
- Decent graphics card with at least 2GB of VRAM
- 4GB of RAM
- A processor that isn't complete trash (think old pentiums)
- Patience (it takes a bit more than usual to load)

If you meet these specifications, you'll be able to run Ultra+ smoothly without any problems.

If you don't want to download a version all over again, you can download this patch to V4 which works from V3.3.1 and above.


99.99% of textures are by Gotagetgoing. His thread:

Atmosphere texture by Gotaa, only works in Redux. Originally cut out because of it clashing with the night texture.


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