Name Version Credit Info Download
1970 1.0 Hawkwind/Ronald Reagan/Entregador Liskal
A World Divided 1.4-Steam Radu/RedCommunist
Austrazealguinea 1.0 Lokbomb  
California 1.0 Yahoo
California 1.1 Sukhoi/Yahoo
Canadian Confederation 1.0 Thony
Cascadia 1.4b R-T-B
Chechnya 1.0 KGB
Cold War 1985 1.4a KGB
Cold War MultiMOD SDK BBR/KGB/Yahoo  
Cold War SteamMod 1.4a-Steam BBR/KGB/Yahoo  
Combo 1.4b R-T-B
Compilation 1.65b Mr_Monday
Compilation 1.7b Mr_Monday
Corporate 1.0 Hawkwind586  
CSA 1.0 Sidewinder
Debt Free Mod 1.4 President-Ray
Earth 2.8 Hawkwind/Ronald Reagan/Entregador/Liskal
Earth 2.9 Hawkwind/Ronald Reagan/Entregador Liskal/Yahoo
Euro MultiMOD SDK Yahoo/BBR  
EuroPower 1.0 Yahoo
EuroPower 1.1 Yahoo
Evolution 1.0 John Shadow  
Fallout Mod 1.0-Steam Tannman
GreatPower 1.0 Yahoo
Global Conflict 1.2 Big-Country  
Gulf War 1.3-Steam Tannman/The Patriot
Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania  
Korea United 1.0 Lokbomb  
MrMondays Mod 5.0-Steam MrMonday
Multiplay 2006 1.0 Yahoo
NATO Expansion 1.0 RyanF68705  
RedCommunist's Realism 5.0-Steam RedCommunist/Uberfox
Realism 1.6 Tim
Realism2015 Steam-No Steam Fenix
Realism2016 Steam-No Steam Fenix
Realism-Cascadia 1.0-Steam experiment632
Realism-EU 1.6 Pres Jay/Tim
Realism MultiMOD SDK BBR/Tim/Yahoo  
Realism-SteamMod 1.6-Steam BBR/Tim/Yahoo  
Real 2002 2.0 Yahoo
Real 2002 3.0 Yahoo
Real 2002 4.0 Yahoo
Return to power 2.1 Yahoo
Return to power 3.0 Yahoo
The Man in the High Castle 1.2-Steam The Patriot
United Nations 1.5-Steam W108R/MrMonday
United States 1.2 Yahoo
World War 2 2.0 KGB/Guru/Victor/Lenin
X-Mod 1.0 Yahoo

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