Update 01/12/2015

Human Development 4.0 added to the SDK page and MrMondays has been updated to the latest version Mr. Monday's Mod 5 (11/28/2015) - it's the 11/23/2015 with the patch 11/28/2015 included.

Update 26/11/2015

MrMondays download link has been updated to the latest version Mr. Monday's Mod 5 (11/23/2015)

Update 18/11/2015

The following mods have been added to the Full-mods page

MrMondays v5
A World Divided v1.4

Human Development v3 added to the SDK page

Update 16/11/2015

The Realism2015 mod has been added to the Full-mods page.

Update 7/9/2015

The Realism-Cascadia and The Man in the High Castle mods added to the Full-mods page.

Update 11/6/2015

Radu's Mod Launcher updated to the latest version Patch+other page.

Update 21/4/2015

Radu's Mod Launcher added to the Patch+other page.

Update 7th March 2014

Two new downloads added jluca98's SP2 toolkit and God_43 mod

Update 20th February 2014

At long last SuperPower 2 has been Greenlit for Steam. For more details on this and what els is happening please go to the Golemlabs forums

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Hyperpower (beta 2) Mod

SuperPower 1 and 2 are global geopolitical simulation games built on the following three spheres: political, economic, military and for superpower 1: a fourth sphere demographics.

Superpower 1 is a turn-based game, turn-based allow's the player more time to analysis the current situation before the AI makes the next move, there are 140 nations to choose from each with there own difference, superpower was the first game to use the Evolutionary Human Emulator-E.H.E.

Superpower 2 Like it's predecessor makes another leep forwards in Evolutionary gaming turning turn-based to real-time providing a better way for internet gaming.
Superpower 2 has an improved interface but still simple the game allows you as a leader of a country to control every aspect of the economy, political system, military you can pick from 193 nations trade with other countries set your own pace and make your own goals.

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